Watford's swimmers continued their successful run at this year's County Championships with another staggering weekend's worth of swimming.
Starting off the weekend with the 50m breaststroke and 200m freestyle events, we were well represented with 29 swimmers in the breaststroke and 36 in the freestyle. After some impressive performances in the heats, Enzo Lim, Charlie Taverner, Alex Williams, Ben Green, Ketan Rach, Lewis Shayler, Gemma Nottage, Megan Worley, Harriet Clements, Ellie Williams, Erin O'Meara, Fleur Hines, Emily Sellen and Leanne Carey made the breaststroke finals, bringing home 5 medals between them - gold for Erin and Alex W, and silver for Enzo, Ben and Ellie. There were also 24 PBs swum in the freestyle, with Enzo and Erin achieving regional times, and 4 swimmers claiming medals (Erin and Enzo - silver, Gemma and Ketan - bronze).


Saturday afternoon saw the turn of the 50m backstroke and 200m breaststroke specialists, producing some brilliant swims and 28 PBs in total. Alex W, Enzo, Ketan, Devesh Kapoor, Ben, Nathaniel Olayomi, Alex Lawman, Gemma, Harriet and Fiona Holmes made the backstroke finals, again bringing home 2 medals (Gemma and Nathaniel - silver). 17 PBs were swum in the 200m breaststroke, with a further 9 regional times achieved, and medals won by Erin, Emily, Alex W (gold), Megan, Enzo, Lewis (silver), Harriet and Ben (bronze).
Saturday night saw the 50m freestyle swimmers battle it out in one of the most exciting events on the swimming schedule. 10 Watford swimmers made championship finals (Alex W, Enzo, Ben, Ketan, Nathaniel, Megan, Gemma, Alex L, Erin and Leanne), producing some excellent swims and finishing with 3 medals - Enzo and Ben (silver) and Ketan (bronze).
After a well deserved night's sleep, our swimmers were back again Sunday morning to take on the 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke events. 11 swimmers made the butterfly finals (Enzo, Dan Ord, Alex W, Ketan, Devesh, Ashley Holness-Wright, Ben Green, Niamh O'Meara, Harriet, Erin and Ceri Heard) and some close-fought races saw some very tight finishes, with Alex W bringing home Watford's sole medal in this event (bronze). The 200m backstroke also saw 15 PBs swum, with Erin and Sophie Burns achieving regional times, and Sophie and Ketan claiming bronze medals.
The last session of the weekend included the 100m individual medley and probably one of the toughest races to swim, the 200m butterfly. With some unbelievable swims coming from our swimmers in this tough event, Enzo, Alex W, Dan, Lewis, Maggie Fleet, Ceri and Erin achieved regional times with some big PBs in the process. 6 medals were also claimed by our swimmers - Devesh (gold), Theo Lim, Dan (silver), Jason Hicks, Enzo and Gemma (bronze). In the 100m IM, Enzo, Alex W, Ketan, Ben, Devesh, Megan, Harriet, Ellie, Erin, Alex L and Fiona made finals, bringing home 4 medals between them (Alex W and Ketan - gold, Ben - silver, Erin - bronze).
Achieving regional times this weekend were Enzo, Ketan, Alex W, Ben, Lewis, Charlie, Nathaniel, Marcus, Devesh, Ashley, Dan Harriet, Fleur, Emily, Ellie, Erin, Leanne, Alex L, Sophie, Maggie and Ceri - once again, some amazing results from our team - just one more weekend to go!

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