Peanuts League 2014


Congratulations to all our swimmers that took part in three rounds of the Peanuts League.

We finished in 4th Place overall with some superb performances from all.

Please see below comments from your Head Coach:

Having just looked at some of the results I have noticed the back end of your races some of you are over 3 sec difference between the first and second 25m. Now that could be a NUMBER OF THINGS!!

Going out to fast, slowing into your turn, Taken too long on the wall, Not hold your stroke count on the second 25, Not having a great finish.

Lets take a look at the 12yrs 50 Br/s

Katie Fitch: 1st 19.30 , 2nd 23.52 - Total time 42.82 Drop off 4.22 , we know the first 25m is going to be faster because of the dive.

Marcus Kemp : 1st 17.50, 2nd 21.07 - Total time 38.57 Drop off 3.57.

Isabel Artime 12 yrs 50 Back : 1st 18.13, 2nd 18.19- Total time 36.32 Drop off 0.06. Isabel's back end speed was very good,

Now how do we improve this ??

Its all about what you do in practise i.e. Stroke count, Great underwater skills how many kicks off each wall, Great turns all the time not some of the time, Finish!!

You have got to practise the right skill all the time, Swim Smart work hard at improving your skills all the time, Swimming fast when you have to swim fast swim fast don’t take it out to easy learn to to swim fast .

Swim Fast, Swim Smart







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