1998 Trophy Winners


(Affiliated to East Region ASA, Herts A.S.A. and L.W.P.L.)

Founded 1901

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Event Trophy Winners
Swimmer of the Year (Male) . P Gooding
Swimmer of the Year (Female) . H Duncan
For Effort (Girls) Jean East K Cuthbert
For Effort (Boys) Duncan Goodhew T Rose
Junior Girls Julie Bell Memorial Trophy C Willer
Junior Boys Roy Rogers (Club Coach) A Bowden
Senior Ladies AB Lee Award S Willer
Senior Men Julie Bell Memorial Trophy A Allum
Under 14


Bill Juba Memorial  1st 36pts  H Duncan
2nd 30pts  T Rogers &
J Beardsworth
3rd 28pts  D Patel &
M Ginty


Bill Juba 1st 35pts  C Lawrence &
A Collins
2nd 34pts L Rogers
3rd 30pts A Jamal


Split Medley - Senior Men Roger Harford Trophy G Martin-Dye (1997)
100 Free Thorpe L Portingale
200 Free Sterling Hill A Allum
400 Free Wallace Speirs L Portingale
100 Breast Ginder Ale P Gooding
200 Breast Eley S Forester
100 Back C.N.S A Allum
200 Back Tankard L Portingale
100 Fly Colin Hunter A Allum
200 Fly Fitzpatrick L Portingale
4 x 1 IM Turner A Allum
66 2/3 Handicap Murry L Portingale
I Length Sprint Bruce A Allum


Split Medley - Senior Ladies Brenda Biggins Cup M Bartley (1997)
100 Free Cutchee S Willer
200 Free McManus K Kent
400 Free Silver Jubilee C Willer
100 Breast Naterr'e S Willer
200 Breast Nesbitt S Willer
100 Back Van Scaldis M Bartley
200 Back Cook K Kent
100 Fly Harvey P Roberts
200 Fly Pelmor P Roberts
4 x 1 IM Carol Rudge S Willer
66 2/3 Handicap Murray L Bell
I Length Sprint Carol Rudge K Cox

Boys U/17

100 Free Hunter A Bowden
200 Free Dewar A Bowden
100 Breast Barkus A Bowden
100 Back McGrath A Bowden
100 Fly Yvonne Smith A Bowden
4 x 1 IM Mark Whitehead A Bowden
1 Length Sprint Paul Atkins A Bowden

Girls U/ 17

100 Free Lynden K Kent
200 Free Cordelia C Willer
100 Breast Veronica Haynes H Beardsworth
100 Back Brussels Plate K Kent
100 Fly B Williams C Willer
4 x 1 IM Debbie Burke C Willer
1 Length Sprint Helen Muray H Shaw

Boys U/14

Boys U/14 Split Medley . M Ginty
66 2/3 Free Battle D Patel
100 Free Roy Rogers J Beardsworth
100 Breast D'Arlow J Beardsworth
100 Back Allum J Beardsworth
100 Fly President '84 M Ginty
4 x 1 IM Sportsgear J Beardsworth
1 Length Sprint Skerm M Ginty

Girls U/14

Girls U/14 Split Medley . H Duncan
66 2/3 Free Johnson H Duncan
100 Free Roy Rogers Award H Duncan
100 Breast Rad Pursey T Rogers
100 Back Cheater H Duncan
100 Fly Graysmark H Duncan
4 x 1 IM Sportsgear H Duncan
1 Length Sprint Bush H Duncan

Boys U/12

66 2/3 Free PG L Rogers
100 Free N.N.R A Collins
100 Breast Cindy Binnions L Rogers
100 Back D Bowman A Collins
33 1/3 Fly Roberts A Collins
4 x 1 IM Anthony Gimson L Rogers
1 Length Sprint Meyler B Dollard

Girls U/12

66 2/3 Free Cindy Binnions A Jamal
100 Free Speedo Trophy A Jamal
100 Breast Karen Pursey A Jamal
100 Back Salt & Pepper Pot C Lawrence
33 1/3 Fly Roberts C Lawrence
4 x 1 IM Anthony Gimson A Jamal
1 Length Sprint Megan Bush A Jamal

Boys U/10

Boys U/10 Championships . P Gooding
66 2/3 Free Robinson P Gooding
33 1/3 Free Martin-Dye P Gooding
33 1/3 Breast Alan Lewington P Gooding
33 1/3 Back Nigel McMorrin P Gooding
33 1/3 Fly John Atkins P Gooding
3 x 1 IM Drago P Gooding
1 Length Sprint Darren Smith P Gooding

Girls U/10

Girls U/10 Championships . A Harris
66 2/3 Free Wakeling K Cuthbert
33 1/3 Free Suzannah Rose A Harris
33 1/3 Breast Ruth Lewington A Harris
33 1/3 Back Martin-Dye A Harris
33 1/3 Fly Angela Grimley J Patel
3 x 1 IM McGrath Salver A Harris
1 Length Sprint Bartley J Patel