by Su Tysoe

Bag Cats / Counties

As a club we had a successful Counties this year coming 5th overall. There were lots of PBís. Below is a summary of the highlights, but well done to everyone who entered.

Name  Place    Group    


Hazel Pickford  3  11 yrs

  100m Back

" " 3 " "  200m I M
" " 3 " "  800m Free
Carolyn Astbury   2  12 yrs  100m Back
" " 2 " " 200m Free
" " 2 " "

    200m I M

" " 1 " " 800m Free
" " 1 " " 400m Free
" " 2 " " 200m Fly
" " 2 " " 100m Fly
Kerry Cuthbert 3 15 yrs 

  400m Free

" " 1 " " 200m Fly
" " 3 " " 800m Free
Jessica Sullivan   3    12 yrs  

50m Fly

Stacey Rafferty 1 15 yrs 200m Fly
Yasmin Alland  3 14 yrs 200m Fly
Laura Trew   3 17yrs 50m Free
Lauren Simmons  2 15 yrs 200m Breast
Hannah Lewis 2 13 yrs 100m Fly
Ben Dollard  1 17 yrs 200m Free
" " 2 " " 50m Free
" " 1 17 yrs 100m Free
" " 1 Men/ Jrs 100m Free
" " 3 " " 50m Free
" " 1 17 yrs 100m Fly
Mark Cuthbert 3 17 yrs 200m Free
" " 1 " " 200m Breast
" " 2 " " 100m Breast
" " 2 " " 200m IM
" " 1 " " 400m Free
Adam Collins 3 17 yrs 100m Free
" " 1 " " 200m Back
Matt King  3 13 yrs 50m Breast
Lance Owide  3 14 yrs 1500m Free


Flashes achieved at Counties and club champs

Bronze: O. Quint, M. Chapman, A. Stewart, K. Waterhouse, S. Draper.
Silver: K. Burdon, M. Burgess, M. Amron, M. Insley, H. Tysoe, R. Foley
Gold: O. Brooks, O. Scott, L. Trew, N. Trew
Platinum: O. Combridge, B. OíNeil

Silver: M. White
Gold: P. Dore-Boize, S. Ayling, L. Trew
Platinum: J. Woodley, J. Pickford, C. White, A. Combridge, M. Toothill, J. Sullivan, E. Barry

Bronze: L. Bingley, M. Davies
Platinum: H. Lewis

Silver: S. Bingley, O. Scott
Gold: J. Spence, A. Sewell, O. Combridge
Platinum: Amy Callanan, P. Dore-Boize, B. OíNeil, Lance Owide

Gold: J. Spence, C. Lloyd
Platinum: H. Pickford, E. Barry, P. Dore-Boize, H. Lewis

Well done everyone.

Happy Birthday to the following:
Naomi Burgess,  Louise Collins,  Jessica Sullivan, Michaela White, Sarah Willer,  Lance Owide, Nick Rogers,  Ben Waterhouse and  Jack Woodley.

Teddies wearing Club Logo T-shirts
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Itís A Knockout

We plan to hold another Itís A Knockout in the summer but we
need to design new games, can you help? Any ideas or offers to lend equipment will be gratefully received  see Chris Andrews.


Club Champs and Gala Dates

Club Champs are on 4th May sign up by 20th Apr.
See the Membership card for more details.
Herts. League: Round 3 - 16thApr.
Southern Counties: Youth (14+) 30th April - 15th May
BAG Cats (9-13) 15th May - 12thJune
Qualifying times &  details are on the
board, see Pru.
Peanuts: 14th May, 11th June and 2nd July.

Club Champs.

On Club Champ nights only lanes 1 & 2 will be coached at 6pm, they are welcome to enter club champs but everyone else is expected to have entered. With so many new members who may not be familiar with how club champs work I thought a short explanation may help or may serve as a useful reminder, so Heather has written this:
There is large  piece of paper on the  back of the notice board,  in the foyer.  It is there that you enter yourself (by writing your name and date of birth-in the correct age group column e.g. u10). The paper is collected in  two  weeks or so  before the actual event,  so your  name  would  have to be on  there before  it is collected in.  If your  name is not  on the  sheet and you  want to  take part you  would be able to swim, but only for a time. On the night of the event you have to whip in at a table by your changing room.  This is so the stewards know you are present and can call you for your race. Warm-up starts at 6:45

Water Polo by Steve Chambers

As the Winter League comes to a close it has been a mixed season with the seniorís struggling to hold onto their Division One status a recent technical win at home to penguin may still not be enough to keep Watford from relegation & with the final league table due out soon Watford can only hope they have managed to escape the exit door, more news in next monthís newsletter. In the Winter league Senior knockout Cup Watford narrowly lost to Enfield 8-9 over the two legged final.
On the Junior side Watford have performed well fielding teams at Under 18, 16 & now under 12 so the future is looking promising, anyone wishing to join the team at any age level, please join a polo session on either Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon.