Itís A Knockout
Time: 2pm
Date: Sunday 26th June
Place: Fullerians

Last year this proved to be a very successful and fun event, the kids are still talking about the water slide, it will be back!
More game ideas will be welcome.
Bring spare clothes you will get wet.
Barbeque will also be available.
New faces and family are always welcome
Adult gamers and helper needed.
See Chris Andrews or Su Tysoe

Pool News

As some have found out the pool at Haberdashers Boys school on a Friday night is a great success. The water is clean and the air clear, but the girls complain about the water troughs in the pool area (when donít girls complain about something!). If you have received an invitation to attend please come along and try it out, I know it a long way for some but its worth it.

See Su Tysoe for directions.

Flash badges, from recent galas are awarded to:
Bronze: S. Chung, C. Leigh
Silver: B. Worby
Gold: J. Spence
Silver: B. Walsh, H. Budarklewicz, W.Fulton
Gold: N. Spears, O. Scott
Platium: D. White
Bronze: R. Foley, D.Moore
Silver: M. Insley, K. Burden, S. Allen, C.Lloyd, M. Davies
Gold: M. Dowds
Silver: J. Course, M. DaCosta, R. Foley
Gold: P. Longman
Platiun: J. Woodley
Badges are available from Diana Clark on Wednesday evenings.

This competition started last Saturday, Carolyn Astbury is our ONLY swimmer taking part. GOOD LUCK Carolyn from everyone, swim well and stay well.

Gala Dates
25th June: Potters Bar Open
7th Sept: Club Champs entries by 24th August.

I thought that would get your attention!
Donít forget Barbara sells kit and swimwear as well as sweets on a Wednesday evening.
While you munch remember to check the notice board for team lists and other news.

Happy Birthday to youÖ
L. Bingley, M. Dixie, A. Holness-Wright, D. Moore, R. Toothill, S. Astbury, C. Weber-Rosewall, Y. Alland, C. Astbury, M. DaCosta, H. Tysoe and S. Chung
All born in June.