by Su Tysoe

Diet Data
Chris Sullivan has agreed to pen a series of pieces about diet and nutrient, we hope you find them useful.
You drink water during and after swimming training, but did you know how important it is to drink fluids before you even hit the water?
Scientists at the University of Texas found that one in two people is not properly hydrated before commencing exercise and this puts them at a disadvantage.
Even minor dehydration before you start moving can affect your endurance by 30% and make your training feel 20% harder!
So down a few glasses of water before you get


Herts League round 3
Well done to all swimmers in the Herts League round 3. The A Team came a brilliant 3rd and the B Team were a creditable 5th, both teams stay in their divisions for next year.

Result Amendment
In last months club champs the top U17 Girls given was wrong.
The correct result was
1st  S. Rafferty
2nd  H. Lewis
3rd  L. Simmons


Teddies wearing Club Logo T-shirts
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Flashes achieved at recent galas and club champs.
Bronze: S. Ayling, B. Worby, D. Harris, J. Course
Silver: S. Ayling
Gold: C. Lloyd
Platinum: H. Pickford, J. Sullivan, P. Dore-Boize, John Pickford, B. Waterhouse
Platinum: H. Pickford, N. Trew
Bronze: S. Draper, M, Burgess, A. Holness-Wright, M. Chapman, M. Insley, W. Hardcastle-Foster
Silver: R. Foley, Alice Callanan, M. Burgess
Gold: E. Barry
Platinum: M. Dowds
Bronze: Amy Callanan
Silver: Amy Callanan
Gold: Amy Callanan, Lauren Owide

Happy Birthday to the following May babies:
Max Amron, Richard Clark, Alex Combridge, William Fulton, Matthew Greene, Mark Insley, Matt King, Danny Leigh, John Pickford, Adam Sullivan, Natasha Ramgolam, Natasha Walters, Hazel Pickford, Emma Lewis, Hollie Sullivan and Krystyna Waterhouse.


Club Champs and Gala Dates
Club Champs are on 8th June sign up by 25th May.
See the Membership card for more details.
Potters Bar Open: Sat 25th June
See Terry or Janet for details. The closing date is 11th May so please return forms as soon as possible.
Peanuts: 14th May, 11th June and 2nd July.
Novice Gala: 22nd May

It’s A Knockout
We plan to hold another It’s A Knockout  in the summer but we need to design new games, can you help? Any ideas or offers to lend equipment will be gratefully received  see Chris Andrews.


Race results for Open, Under 17 and Under 14

Pru has provided an in depth guide to how the 100y championship races results are decided.
All swimmers in the u/14, u/17 & open category compete together in heats.
The fastest 6 swimmers from the heats, regardless of age, swim in the grand final
The winner of the final, regardless of age, is the ‘open’ champion.
The best performing u/14 & u/17 in the final is declared respective winner of that age group. This rule also applies to the 2nd & 3rd places
If no u/14 and/or u/17 swimmer has made the final, the winners are calculated from the heat times.
If an u/14 swimmer wins the grand final, they are u/14 & open champion, but not u/17 champion.
Swimmer A u/14  30secs                Swimmer B u/14  35s                      Swimmer C u/14   40s
Swimmer D u/17  45s                      Swimmer E u/17  50s                      Swimmer F open  55s
Swimmer G open 60s                      Swimmer H u/14  65s                     Swimmer J u/17   70s
Swimmers a, b, c, d, e & f qualify for finals with the 6 fastest times.
1. Swimmer C 70s – wins u/14     1st open
2. Swimmer F 71s –                     2nd open
3. Swimmer B 72s – 2nd u/14,      3rd open
4. Swimmer D 73s – wins u/17,   4th open
5. Swimmer E 74s – 2nd u/17,      5th open
6. Swimmer A 75s – 3rd u/14,      6th open
(from heats) swimmer J – 3RD u/17
Note that swimmer J’s time of 70s from heat was faster than D & E’s final times, but will still only win 3rd place in the u/17 category.

Water Polo by Steve Chambers

Watford’s senior team has progressed through to the semi-finals of the Herts Cup this month following an easy 19-3 defeat of Hertford. Defending the “Gus Goater” trophy Watford had to overturn a five-goal deficit due to the handicap system and they did this with easy. The draw for the semi-finals takes place in July.
In the London League Referee’s Cup the senior’s progressed to the next round after defeating Cranleigh at home again the team had to overturn a deficit and this time the difference was a staggering seventeen goals however Watford rose to the occasion and won the match 24-6 and 29-28 overall.
This was a magnificent effort from the team and with Five Juniors in the side it was a fantastic performance. Leading the way was Adam Collins with ( 8 goals) followed by Cameron Moore (5), Ben Dollard & Nick Ginty (4) each and Roy Coulson (2) and not forgetting Andy Strong with a vital goal in the last quarter this to put us back in the lead at 28-27.
On the Junior side Watford’s under 12’s recently competed against Bedford Modern School & Cambridge in the first Herts League mini Water Polo tournament. The team played very well and a win and a draw against Bedford but defeat to overall winners Cambridge meant Watford finished joint runners-up with Bedford Modern School.