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Watford Swimming Club

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Great Britain

Seventeen miles outside of London's city centre lies the city of Watford, in 
Hertfordshire. Since 1901, Watford has had their own swimming team, the Watford swimming Club.



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Watford's team agenda is to promote the sport of swimming in an atmosphere promoting good health, a strong team effort and fun. By learning to reach for their full potential, this will extend to other areas of their lives as well.

The club, like most others, offers a training schedule to complement the athletic abilities of its members. Whereas some strive for club and county championships, others have their sites set on national and international levels. Also, there is a Masters division for those above the age group levels.

The Watford Swimming Club competes in the Herts League, Junior League and the London Lee.jpg (21319 bytes)League. Led by Head Coach, Lee Portingale, the Watford swimmers are encouraged to train to the fullest of their abilities. After all, what would be the point of training if not to give it your all? Coach Portingale believes it is a tremendous experience to strive for personal goals and, through hard work, to succeed!

Hard work brings results, but as already mentioned, the Watford team believes in good times spent together. The team has a family feeling, taking trips and enjoying social events.

For more information about the Watford Swimming Club, or just to drop in and visit, click to their web address and send a big "hello!" from your own team.



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