Gala Results 1998

Hitchin Open Meet
28th November 1998
Well done to Peter Gooding and Hayley Duncan at this open meet, Peter winning the 13 & 14 100 meter Breaststroke and Hayley 4th in the 11 & 12 Butterfly.

Herts Development Meet
21st November 1998

Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed in the gala at Hitchin. There was some very good performances with several PB's.
Girls; April Warren, Laura Shujah.
Boys; Christopher Kinley, Joseph Harriman, Ryan O'Conner.
Well done to all of you.

Lincoln Vulcans SC Open Meet
19th September 1998
(25m Pool)

While the rest of the club were at the Maxwell open and the Junior league at Luton, Peter travelled to Lincoln and put in some fine performances.

14yrs 100m Breast, 7th, 1.22.07
14yrs 100m Fly, 6th, 1.17.42
14yrs 100m free, 5th, 1.04.17

Well done Peter.


(25 meter pool)


Girls 4 x 1 IM
10 years age group:  Anisa Jamal 6th 1.32.47
12 years age group:  Hayley Duncan 8th 1.22.71
Girls  50 metres Free
10 years age group Anisa Jamal 6th 35.91
Boys 50 metres Free
10 years age group: Alex Wright 7th 37.24, 8th Mark Cuthbert 37.32
11 years age group: Ben Dollard 4th 34.54
12 years age group: Mark Gooding 8th 33.15
Boys 100 metres Free
10 years age group: Mark Cuthbert 5th 1.22.35
11 years age group: Ben Dollard 4th 1.18.11
Girls 50 metres Fly
12 years age group: 7th Hayley Duncan 37.76
Boys 50 metres Fly
12 years age group: Mark Gooding 8th 38.71
Girls 50 metres Breastroke
10 years age group: Anisa Jamal 7th 49.07
Girls 50 metres Back
12 years age group: Hayley Duncan 6th 37.87
Boys 50 metres Back

11 years age group: Ben Dollard 4th 40.95

Coventry Open, 50 metres sprint Meet
5th September 1998
(50m Pool)

Swimmers in finals

Boys 17 over 50m back
Lee Portingale, 2nd 30.66
Andrew Allum,  3rd 30.86

Boys 13/14 50m free
Peter Gooding, 7th 28.73
Boys 17 yrs 50m fly
Andrew Allum, 4th 29.14
Boys 13/14 50m Breast
Peter Gooding, 6th 37.88
Boys 17 over Free
Lee Portingale, 8th 27.32
Reserve Finalist
Girls 10/12 50m Fly

Hayley Duncan, 9th 37.20


Bank Holiday weekend and we were off to Exeter to take part in an open meet.  Lee estimation of a two hour journey to his mum's in Bristol was a bit optimistic to say the least.  After nearly four hours (for those who left later than 11 am) the weary travellers finally arrived and Lee's mum happily served up the umpteenth portion of chicken and  chips.  After a welcome rest we resumed our journey to Exeter.   On arrival, the chalets turned out to be better than expected (despite the rickety bunk beds and the lack of bottle openers and corkscrews - how would we last the weekend?).
Saturday.... those of us unfortunate enough to be swimming in the morning session followed Lee's directions to the pool - "can't miss it" he said.   So where did he get to?!  The first day saw some mixed performances from our swimmers and after a long day were turned to the chalets.  The Collins' who were camping up the road joined us for a barbecue.  The sausages and burger (and Kev) were finally recovered from a dense cloud of smoke and the feasting (and drinking) began.   Mel and Lorraine chose not to indulge and sought their entertainment elsewhere -   at a local night-club.
Sunday.... The early risers left for the pool to be joined by the rest of us later for the afternoon session.  After the swimming finished for the weekend we returned to the chalets with Goose and friends and the SERIOUS competition began, boys v girls football match.  We're on for a rematch next year boys - we only let you win to save your male egos!  Yet another barbecue and more drinking (a little tipsy were we Sťonaid?) A rounder's match followed until bad light stopped play.
Monday.... This was to be the high spot of the weekend but it was cloudy and cold.  Nevertheless, we braved the elements and joined the bank holiday traffic queues to Goodrington.  We all arrived about 45 minutes before Lee (does he keep getting lost or is it just that he is a very slow driver - Lost I'm afraid his mother told us he ended up in North Wales when heading for Coventry once!!!!).  We made haste for the water fun park with flumes and slides.  After a fun afternoon and a few bumps and scrapes (how's year back Tacker?) we parted company and returned Watford.
It was a really good weekend - thanks for organising it Lee - and we all look forward to doing the same again soon....................Sarah Willer.

WELL DONE to HAYLEY DUNCAN and ANDREW ALLUM  who both got into the finals!!

Hayley SSpice.jpg (22544 bytes)

  Hayley Duncan (left ) with  Sporty Spice

Andrew A1.JPG (16167 bytes)
Andrew (camera shy ) Allum
Slide.jpg (78155 bytes)
Monday's venue for the 160m Freestyle
( a mixed event with some very mixed results, but not too many PB's