Gala Results for 2003

Speedo League Round 3
Hemel Hempstead Open Meet, 15th November 2003, Hemel Hempstead
Speedo League Round 2
Speedo League Round 1 Results, 11th October 2003

Peanuts League Round 3, 5th July 2003, Hitchin

Peanuts League Round 2, 14th June 2003,Hitchin

Club Champs, 4th June 2003

Mainz Gala, 6th-8th June 2003
Club Champs, 7th May 2003
Ammersfort Gala, 4th May 2003
Novice Gala, 6th April 2003, Bill Everett Centre, Watford' (25m)
Herts League Round 3 A & B Team 5th April 2003 (25m pool, MT) Full Results Div 1 Click here Div 3 Click here
Club Champs, 2nd April 2003 ,(33.3 yard pool, MT)

Club Champs, 5th March 2003, (33.3 yard pool, MT)

Novice Gala, Red and Blue Teams, 2nd March 2003 (25m pool, MT) Full Results Red, Blue
Herts League Round 2, A and B Teams, 8th February 2003, (25m pool, MT)Full Results Div 1 Click here, Full Results Div 2 Click here
Herts League Round 1, A and B Teams, 11th January 2003, (25m pool, MT), Full Results Click here